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Be My Guest in Helsinki: A Delightful Taste of Vietnamese Cuisine

June 11, 2021 | 7 mins

Travelling thousands of miles from the East to bring the essence and delicate culinary culture to the West, Be My Guest Ravintola serves up funky and healthy Vietnamese food with the taste across different regions in Vietnam.

Where the flavour begins

Vietnamese cuisine has been inspired by the culinary cultures through the years under foreign colonies, yet gradually shaped its unique flavours. The country with topography along hills and mountains, beautiful long coastlines and fertile alluvium delta embrace the purity, authenticity and fluorescence not just as a culinary but a lifestyle.

Influenced by Chinese culture, the Northside has a more salty flavour on the food, daily meals with stir-fry dishes with fewer spices to focus natural tastes of fresh ingredients. Whereas, to locals, Central food brings an adventurous savoury with a hint of the ancient Hue’s royal cuisine. The harmony is depicted as “yin-yang”, where the combination of hot and cold, sweet and salty, freshness and fermentation will make our taste buds dance! Unlike other parts of the country, the Southern flavours are extracted from utilizing sugar cane and coconut water to elevate the sweetness of food.

A guide to the flavours of a well-known and hidden gem

Inspired by the concept of a cosy living room, Be My Guest moves its location to the larger venue in the up-and-coming enclave of Jätkäsaari. The newly opened restaurant brings the best Vietnamese flavours across three regions together under one roof. Departing from the North, Ha Noi Rockn’Noodle takes away the broth. The flat noodles are already soaked for a few hours in the cold water to soften before pan-fried. Topping the dish is sauteed beef or chicken and tofu, mixed with fresh green vegetables and fresh tomatoes for a cold umami kick. This dish is filled with a myriad of ingredients that showcases the versatility of seasonal products.

The journey is halfway when we reach the Central of Vietnam. The region proudly owns white sand and the most beautiful beaches of the country. Enriched by the enormous area of seawater, locals residents in Central Vietnam catch tons of freshly jumping seafood. The Flying Shrimps/ Squid Next Door/ Crab Bite are more modern but no less inviting. The juicy seafood scoops up the delicious Nha Trang green chilli sauce, so every bite was a crunchy, spicy delight.

Travelling further to the South, the rice civilization existed a long time in the history of Vietnam. We are best known as the second largest country for rice export. The “Rice and Shine” dish owns itself after a dedicated effort in making the balance of the stew. Main proteins are from squids, shrimps and mussels. Influenced by the famous French recipes “Bouillabaisse” yet adding Vietnamese twisted ingredients to make the unique flavour. Kaffir leaves, lemongrass, and tomato are cooked with the special vegetable broth for a fragrant note. Paired with Vietnamese drinks like Bia Saigon or Saigon Mulle, it will be a satisfying duet for anyone to complete a day.

Young minds think differently, and for the kitchen team of Be My Guest, it comes down to the heart and mind-melding together to produce dishes that have a soul. A dinner here is a journey back home with all memories of flavours packed right in Finland. A recall of home is created by the food and the friendliness of staff. Finding one of the best Asian restaurants in Helsinki? Drop by and let the team surprise you!

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