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Vietnamese food in Helsinki: A cosy summer experience

May 5, 2021 | 5 mins

World-renowned Vietnamese delicacies naturally immersed among food diners in Helsinki. Not just Pho noodle soup or Banh Mi, there are more special delicacies to savour. Let’s indulge in the city’s favourite summer delight at Be My Guest Ravintola in the Jätkäsaari neighbourhood, to discover the harmonious and indigenous taste between the ocean and the land from Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches with Tapas Oasis dish.

The origin of Tapas

Without a doubt, Tapas has taken the world by storm with its popular fame through the way of serving rather than just the name. Originated in Andalucia, a beautiful southern province of Spain, Tapa means a small portion of food made from in-house ingredients:bread, tomatoes, olives, different kinds of cold cuts, and some greenery.

Tapas vs. Vietnamese food: why not?

Trước lạ, sau quen” is a Vietnamese idiom to express “Stranger at first, now family”. For Spanish people, food is not an experience if it is not shared with friends. It’s similar to Vietnamese culture. To the fullest enjoyment of the Nordic summer, Be My Guest anticipates introducing Tapas Oasis - a feast that provokes awe and serves memories on a plate, also is perfect for sharing.

A diverse geography from luscious deltas, vast oceans to raw highlands, Vietnam boasts numerous breeds of specialities, whose different textures and flavours have found their way into Be My Guest’s Tapas Oasis. The love at first sight with Tapas Oasis is its harmony in colours. A fluffy bed of green salads served on a bamboo tray recalls a tropical vibe. Three different sauces are all freshly made in-house:Nha Trang green chilli sauce, tahini sauce, and seasoned soy sauce. Surrounded on the Tapas Oasis are Be My Guest’s most well-loved dishes that preserve the soul of the sea and the land. The dish features the likes such as Charlie Don’t Surf Salad, Chika Chika Wings, Always Summer Rolls, and Helsinki’s delicious handmade Dumplings Darling and the chef-recommended Shrimp/Squid skewers native to the mountainous flavours of Vietnam. All will then be plated on a layer of fresh vegetables that looks like a beautiful lush lawn.

When the sun visits the Nordics...

...dress up and come to one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Helsinki to experience Tapas Oasis in the new Be My Guest with a spacious yet cosy place! A lovely terrace with several tables of two, decorated with tropical palm trees to make you feel the summer breeze while enjoying authentic Vietnamese cuisine in town. Packed with unique flavours, this dish promises to surprise and delight all palates. It’s served perfectly with Be My Guest’s new drink list to fulfill the summer story of every avid foodie lover.

Finnish summer is like a smile, a kiss, a sip of wine, and definitely a taste of Tapas Oasis. It’s always worth a trip to Be My Guest for an authentic taste of Vietnam’s best flavours with new local favourites. Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from their lovely and agile staffs, as “Trước lạ, sau quen” is what Be My Guest always keeps in mind. People come here as a guest but will leave as family.

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